Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Amir Tsarfati

Several people from New Beginnings made our way to Knoxville last night to attend a special service at Harvest Christian Fellowship where Amir Tsarfati was ministering. There was a pretty full house with people traveling from as far as Florida.

Amir was born and raised in and around Jerusalem, Israel. He became a born again Christian while a teenager after watching the Jesus film.

Amir is a Captain in the Israeli Army Reserve, he was the Vice Governor of Jericho, he is part of the negotiating team with the Palestinians, and, a tour guide in Israel. He also speaks four languages fluently, and is an International speaker on terrorism.

It was exciting to hear this man's perspective on some of the prophecies of the Old Testament relating to Israel and the end times. You can find more information about his ministry at his website, Behold Israel.

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